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The answer to what is heaven or hell.


Our lives are spent creating, each moment each act of consciousness is a creation, ever lasting in eternity. To live our lives with compassion, caring, love, respect, free from judging and divisive acts becoming pieces of the universe, this is heaven eternal, the fabric of life beyond our awareness'. If we can all understand this the concept of  our actions, words and deeds being that which we are, in wave upon wave for all eternity, then for each of us how we live and act may take on a new meaning,  for heaven and hell are real. When meaning beyond the abstract is found, to see that we are the creators and what we create is forever, then this understanding becomes a meaning which may change the world, for who you are in each moment is timeless and eternal.    end.


consciousness eternal








Reality is merely an illusion; albeit a very persistent one. - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

If you look at yourself without yourself to look at, you will never look at yourself the same.-Brian Morrison

The only thing that separates me from you is the thin line called form. Yin and Yang, what does this mean? More than my good side vs.. evil, more than my masculine vs.. feminine, Yin and Yang means, Understanding the balance between the consciousness of form and not. It is quite easy for us all to see the consciousness of form and in that look to understand only this aspect of life in a reality which is visually acknowledged as proof. It is far harder to accept that which is an abstract view seen only through consciousness without participation of the form, what we call ourselves. It is this lack of balance which has caused humanity to feel as though we are independent of all outside ourselves, in this lack of understanding, lack of balance we end up in constant turmoil and conflict. If and when we evolve to see that indeed the only separation between you and me is the thin line of form, and the balance of creation is that we are all one, on that day, the door of life for mankind will open.

Force, violence and imposing ones will upon others will perpetuate a cycle of violence. Peace will come to pass when and only when peoples are safe in the knowledge of who they are, safe to be alone with them self and safe with the differences of others. This is not to say rules are not needed but that rules are needed for a global civilization, rules which are based on people and the space we occupy, not on greed money and power. There will always be leaders, it is time for the world to recognize the ones which will lead us out from the chains of hate, violence and corrupt misuse of our planet to an evolution where the exploration of life and being are at the forefront of thought. As we continue to look outside ourselves for answers, as the meaning of life gets lost in values of consumption we drift farther and farther from the gift of life in this moment.




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